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Training for federal agencies and Fortune 1000: 
Now retired, I have limited my services to training government and business when requested in select classes that can assist their employees by improving their skills with PWS and RFP development, and help private enterprise decide on how to properly respond to government solicitations or negotiate with the federal government.  Our courses can be viewed on our "courses" page.

As a professional trainer, I will provide personalized training classes in Performance Work Statement (PWS) development and other classes your firm may require. As a former Defense Acquisition University (DAU) contracts professor, senior contracting officer, and founder of The Acquisition Institute, I know the pitfalls government and industry make in contracting and these pitfalls can be avoided.  I can help you avoid these costly mistakes if you are earnest in doing so.

Federal agencies and industry providers need to know now more than ever how to develop and design a proper Performance Work Statements
. WHY? Because the feds are expecting YOU to write their PWS for them.  Industry especially needs to know how to avoid mistake having their proposal responses rejected.  Many times small businesses have their proposal responses rejected by GSA when simple discussions could have clarified an issue. These are common mistakes of contracting officers and industry.  They are getting worse-not better due to the young and inexperienced 1102 workforce.  

I am now a sole-proprietorship registered in DUN and SAM.
 Any courses taught will be for professional edification but not qualifying for use by FAI as CLPs. Should you desire this kind of training to boost your employee knowledge of PWS, QASP, RFP or SLA development just call or email me at: 202-280-7272 or 352-812-7353 or send a message to:

For Private Industry (Fortune 1000) and small businesses that wish to learn the Dos and Don’ts of contracting want improve your success rate with winning contracts I am available to come to your location to provide training and interactive counseling on proposal development, RFP responses, filing and handling of claims against the federal government.

Call me at: 352-812-7353 or simply email me at:

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