MR. ROBERT KNAUER (Formerly  with TAI)
(DUN & TAX INFO Below) SAM & CCR Registered now as a Sole Proprietor under the name- Robert Knauer

Email Robert Knauer CPPO CPCM at:

Low Cost Commercial training courses for employee and individuals needing CLP credit to maintain their commercial certifications.  We also teach NON-FAI credit courses since 1 January 2015.

All of my courses for individuals are $99
See Our Available Course Tab above for more details.

We provide our training courses via distance learning for Industry and their employees, and (in some cases) federal employees seeking CLP training credits for non-FAI training requirements.  We are registered and approved in for government agencies to make purchases of our on-site classes, and our courses can be purchased by just about anyone desiring CLP credits.  See our courses/classes listed under the "Available Courses" tab above.  Our courses are intended for any individual or commercial business employee that needs to earn CLP credits to update and improve their personal skill set, or to meet other certifications.  

For our federal customers I will help your employees improve their skill and understanding of what is required in the development of
Performance Work Statements.  Our training credits can be applied to general learning, human resource training, and non-FAI requirements. if you are more interested in learning at low cost contact me.

Course prices for Group & Individuals are as follows:

Any Distance Learning Standard Class for individuals is $99

I can provide you a personalized class in PWS development. As a former Defense Acquisition University (DAU) professor, and senior contracting officer, I know the pitfalls government and industry make in contracting and these pitfalls can be avoided. I can help your agency avoid costly mistakes in the development of creating PWS documents for your solicitations, by teaching your personnel proper PWS development.

Sole-Proprietorship registered with SAM. Any courses taught will be for professional edification but no longer qualify for use by FAI after Dec 31, 2014.  FAI ceased accepting our certifications as of 12/31/14, without notification to our now dissolved corporation.  However, should you desire this kind of training to boost your employee knowledge of PWS, QASP, RFP or SLA development call or email me at: 352-812-7353 or send a message to:

Samples of Robert Knauer CPCM CPPO teaching: 
Leading a talk on Competitive Sourcing: 
Leading a 2-Step Sealed Bid RFP Opening: 
Leading a talk on Post Competition Accountability:

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