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Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Courses
Program Manager (P/PM) Elective Courses 

Distance Learning Classes available nationwide

Lowest Prices for COR & PM training anywhere
Including Onsite training for government & civilians

Acquisition Training Available for COR & PM Personnel

Contracting Officer Representative (COR) training for those in the FAC-COR Level I, II and III program and P/PM is available at low cost. The bulk of our training is accomplished by E-Learning (called Distance Learning), and we also perform onsite training at agency request.  In addition to our standard COR classes, we offer elective courses for those in the  FAC-C, COR and P/PM program. We permit both government and non-government (industry) personnel to take our courses to increase their professional knowledge.  We train COR for both DAWIA and FAC-COR certification. 

Our Distance Learning is flexible and easy for federal employees to complete that have a difficult time fitting training into their schedules no matter where you are located.   With tight budgets, agencies should consider having employees take our COR courses via online distance learning.  Our courses meet all FAC-COR and DAWIA certification competencies and we provide employees with all course materials electronically (including syllabus, exam, slides and case exercises, and access to instructors (call when needed).  Read more about our process at the "Distance Learning tab" above.  We understand training requirements are in addition to an employee's regular duties, and it is hard to fit training into busy schedules-and this is the reason TAI developed its flexible distance learning program that gives employees a full 30 calendar days to complete the COR Basic or Refresher course requirements for certification.  All courses and all employees get a full 30 calendar days to complete their courses. Now should an employee need more time-we can help!  Course CLPs are counted towards certification or re-certification and are accepted into the module known as the FAITAS Continuous Learning Module  in which employees and supervisors must be registered. The Office of Federal Procurement policy only requires students to obtain CLP credits to meet their required FAC-COR Level I, II & III program requirements  from any commercial provider available or by DAU/FAI. Remember non-government personnel take our classes to upgrade their resumes and job skills too. 

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) can be obtained through many methods most common being online or Distance Learning Continuous Learning Courses and resident onsite training. More information regarding training is available through your agency Acquisition Career Manager or ACM.

Does your Agency want an onsite class? We can provide onsite classes at agency request. Once a firm date is established just send us your Group SF-182 for Group Onsite Training, and make sure you indicate "Fast Payment Authorized" in block C6

NEW Lower Individual COR Course Prices (Refer to Course Tab):
COR Level  I Basic  
8 CLP ...............$250 (FAI Standard min.)
COR Level  I Basic 24 CLP ...............
$425 (for certain HHS Agencies)*
COR Level  I Basic 40 CLP .............. $530 (for certain DOC Agencies)*
COR Level  I Refresher 8 CLP ...........
$250 (for Level I)
COR Level II Basic 40 CLP ...............
$530 (for Level II)
COR Level II Basic 60 CLP .............. $695 (for certain HHS Agencies)*
COR Level II Refresher  16
 CLP ........$350 (for Level II)
COR Level II Refresher  
40 CLP ........$530 (for Level II)
COR Level III Basic 60 CLP ..............$695 (for Level III)
COR Level III Refresher 40 CLP ........$595 (for Level III)
Federal Appropriations
16 CLP  ........ $350 (for Level II or III)
PWS Development 16 CLP ...............$350  (for Level II or III)
Earned Value Management 16 CLP ....
$350  (for Level II or III)
FAR Overview Course 16 CLP ...........$350  (for Level I, II or III)
Contracting for Everyone Else 8 CLP...
$250  (anyone can take)
Negotiation Skills & Strategies 16 CLP$350 (for Level II or  III)
CLPs above are equivalent classroom hours in training.
Agencies that have elected to require 40 hours of training to employees for COR Level I Basic in lieu of the OFPP minimum of 8 hours may have employees take this course instead of the shorter course.

Sign Up and Pay Online @ our Shopping Cart Tab

Pay by Government Purchase card or personal credit card. Our prices for individual and group training are the lowest of any commercial provider, and are below the Micro-Purchase threshold.  Purchases can also be made without seeking competitive quotes from other vendors as long as the CO or buyer appointed per FAR 1.603(b)
considers the price to be reasonable.  Should your agency desires onsite GROUP TRAINING, they can send us a "Group" SF-182 for Group Online Distance Learning. Note that payment is made only at our shopping cart, unless the purchase is over $3500 for Large Group Distance training, make sure to call us before sending your Group SF-182 form (make sure block C6 is marked FAST PAYMENT Authorized).  TAI also uses the Smart Government Invoicing or
When registering a student(s) for our classes ensure you provide the employee's name and email address in the "student Information block" of the online registration & payment form located beneath the purchase card holder's information. Student's email addresses are where we will send the course materials electronically.

The vast majority of our students come from Departments and agencies that work in areas outside of Washington, D.C., like 
USDA, Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Prisons, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service, U.S. DOJ and others serving in remote areas or simply can't find the time to "just sit around" for a solid week in a classroom, and don't have travel money to go to an off-site location. Yet, many employees also in the Washington, D.C. metro area and the rest of the country take our courses because we are by far the lowest priced COR distance learning courses available. Don't believe it?  Read what our students say under "Student Critiques" or call our references for past performance.

TAI offers the newest and most affordable employee training for federal agencies is but a click away with our online distance training for groups. More and more federal agencies are signing up groups of employees and reaping the savings by online Distance Training for groups. Our prices are generally lower than 95% of all GSA schedule vendors.
 To find out more see our "Group Pricing" tab.

Our online training courses as well as our onsite courses meet all FAC-COR certifications requirements, and are eligible for FAITAS and AgLearn credit. Our COR Level I, II and III Distance Learning courses for individuals and Groups include a combination of the following modules: Acquisition Planning, Market Research for Technical Personnel, Defining Government Requirements, Effective Pre-award Communication, Source Selection for Technical Personnel, Improving and Developing Performance Work Statements, Performance Based Acquisition, and an Introduction to Earned Value Management (EVM), plus Integrated Process Team, Management and Leadership and much more...

READ MORE...Distance Learning Tab for COR Training.

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CCR & SAM registered 
NAICS: 611420 & 541611 
EIN and Tax ID number: 20-8452893
Active ORCA record

TAI provides E-Learning to government, industry and private individuals to obtain their CLP credits for a variety of certifications.  Our training affords you the time and luxury of completing it without too much stress, and you obtain the certificate you need for your work or association. Don't wait another minute-Get your training accomplished today.
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